Slow and Easy – The Stylistic’s Take on the New Year

slowcooker1Crockpot, slow cooker, mother’s helper… call it what you may. We call it our secret weapon. Part of a stylish life is savoring all the senses… aromas, beauty, sound… “What does this have to do with the iconic 1970’s kitchen appliance?” you wonder.  READ ON.

Stylish does not have to mean complicated or fancy, but it certainly doesn’t mean rushed and haggard. Rather, think authentic and with ease. Enter the slow cooker stage right — our ticket to a home filled with aromas, a beautiful dinner and the sound of oohs and aahs from our families. (Okay, so we exaggerate a bit, but we can dream can’t we?) Busy, and/or, out and about, does not negate your ability to set the stage for a slow, homemade, conversation filled meal.

The moment we arrive home after work, carpool madness or endless errands, it’s like the cooking fairy scooped in for a surprise visit. The house is filled with the fragrance of roasted tomatoes, savory beef or spicy chili and wa-lah, dinner is served. Turn on the music, give yourself a moment to set a stylish table,  sip a little stylish somethin’ somethin’ and/or change out of your stylish work (or work out – wink wink) clothes.

And, with the impending Arctic Blast, this is the perfect week to make a cozy soup or warm stew (and maybe even wow your family.) Oh and P.S. You can make desserts in the slow cooker too! What?


slowcooker3 slowcooker4 slowcooker5 slowcooker6

After tempting you with these yummy dishes, it would not be fair to not share….
So click in the names of the dishes or slow cooker products and you will be
directed to the actual recipe or detail on each.

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